Open as well as Limited Edition prints are available.  Limited Edition prints range from a run of 10 to 100 -
    they are signed (on the back), numbered and include Authenticity Certificate.  My Limited Editions are for
    ALL sizes and types - this means that only 25 (or other designated number, based on Edition Series) prints
    of each image will be produced, regardless of the size or type (fine art paper, canvas or acrylic).  

    Paper prints are available either on Fujicolor Archive photographic paper (which has been tested to last for
    40 or more years by Wilhelm Research) or on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308 gsm (19 mil) - the paper used
    depends on the size and image type.  Please note that not all images are available in all listed print
    sizes (print size availability depends on image composition).  Prints on Fujicolor Archive photographic
    paper are available in matte, lustre, glossy & pearl finishes - the finish depends on the image composition.

    Canvas Prints and very unique Acrylic Prints are available as well.  Please review respective web pages for
    more info on these types of prints (or see below).  Some prints are also available printed directly on sheets
    of aluminum.

    All sizes below are in inches.  These are approximate image sizes.  The actual print could be larger (if the
    print has a border).  All prices in US currency.  Listed below prices and sizes are approximate and final price
    depends on substrate type, mounting materials, actual size, LE run and other options.

     8x10 prints - $ 20.00 & up (plus S&H)
     9x12 prints - $ 30.00 & up (plus S&H)
    11x14 prints - $ 45.00 & up (plus S&H)
    13x19 prints - $ 80.00 & up (plus S&H)
    20x20 prints - $ 90.00 & up (plus S&H)
    16x24 prints - $100.00 & up (plus S&H)
    20x30 prints - $170.00 & up (plus S&H)
    24x36 prints - $250.00 & up (plus S&H)
    30x40 prints - $350.00 & up (plus S&H)

                     20x24 framed and matted prints - $300.00 & up (plus S&H)

    Matted prints

    Are available by request.  Delivery of these will take longer than unmatted prints.  You also have to specify
    your frame size and the size of the print you want.  Total cost = Base print cost above + Matt cost (depends
    on matt used).

    Custom size prints

    People have different ideas of where and how they would like to display art.  I will try to accommodate your
    specific request, including cropping of the image and any non-standard print size.  Sometimes a specific
    subject would look much better as a square print, rather than a standard rectangular print.

    If you are looking for a custom print size, please e-mail me (see address below).

    Framed prints

    Some prints are available already matted and framed, ready to hang.  All frames are gallery quality anodic
    black metal frames with thick UV plexiglass.  Based on your order, I will let you know if a framed print of the
    particular image is available.
    Limited Edition Canvas Prints

    Prints are now available not only on quality photo paper, but also on Canvas.  For all canvas printing
    specifics, please open up Canvas Prints Info page.

    Please inquire via e-mail for other canvas size prints

    In addition to paper prints and canvas prints, all of my images are now available as Acrylic prints.  These
    prints are very unique and represent an art piece by themselves.  For all acrylic printing specifics and
    pricing, please open up Acrylic Prints Info page.

    Limited Edition of ONE Print

    If you want to be the only one to own the print, let me know and I am sure this can be arranged (for an
    agreed upon price) if a particular image did not yet go into printing.  

    Special Requests

    If you are looking for an image of a specific subject or a specific composition and can't find it on the site, let
    me know.  I might have it in my archives or will try to capture it, if I can.


    Please use the Order Form for ordering.  You can also send me an e-mail (see address below) with any
    special requests or if you have any questions.  

    I accept PayPal and standard credit cards.  At this time, delivery time within continental US for a Limited
    Edition Photographic paper print is around 2 weeks.  Delivery time is longer for other types of prints
    (Canvas, Acrylic or Custom) or for shipping outside of US.


    I want to make sure all my customers are satisfied.  If you are not happy with your print, please let me know
    as soon as you receive it.  I will try my best to resolve the issue.  

    Feedback, Suggestions and Comments – are always welcome.  E-mail to: