I provide top quality fine art prints.  However, there is no better advertisement than satisfied
    customers.  The following responses are from some of the individuals who purchased, viewed
    and reviewed my works.  If you would like references, please let me know.

    From "ALTERED STATES OF CHROME" exhibition guest book

    ...I love your works.  They are magical and remind me of Ray Bradbury novels...”

    "...Amazingly beautiful works!..."

    "You have a unique perspective on the simple things in everyday life.  It really comes out in your
    photographs.  But what amazes me most is how you come out with the names for your art.  Great job on the

    "...Simple ornate elegance with grandeur..."

    "Very impressive, especially your creativity with various images.  Outstanding presentation."

    "Never failed to amaze."

    "Extremely wonderful!"

    "...Amazing eye!!!  Congratulations on this exhibit..."

    "Lovely and emanating a sense of tranquility"

    "Your photos are strong, beautiful & deep!"

    " Amazing show!"

    "Fabulous photos!"

    "...Fascinating & unique..."

    From Hemmings Muscle Machines Magazine (Bennington, VT)

    ...Vlad's colorful fine art photos capture the essence of a vehicle by magnifying its parts, taking something
    we'd all recognize and turning it into an abstract work of art ready to go up on the wall for all to admire...”

    Elaine (Maryland) - interior designer

    ...This is a wonderful print which will add excitement to a room. The bold contrast of colors change this
    piece from a serene woodland walk to a jazzy dance..”

    From Automotive Art review (Chicago, IL)

    ...Bubnov is a master of fine art photography and is especially adept at creatively capturing and playing with
    light on metal.  His colorful fine art photos sell as limited edition prints that are signed and numbered by the

         Marti (Minnesota)

    "Thank you for your excellent customer service. The prints are so beautiful. I just love them!"

         Thorsten (New York)

    "I cannot tell you how much I love these pictures! They are more than I ever expected - the pictures are
    breathtaking! Absolutely amazing. I'm in love with every single one of them and I can't wait to hang them up
    on my walls."

    Rodney (Florida)

    "Great prints Vlad!! And worth every penny that I paid for them. As you maybe guessed by the prints
    that I requested, I am crazy about early Chevrolet Corvettes. Especially the years of 1961 and 1962 which
    these prints capture most dramatically. In my humble opinion these prints are the best that I have ever seen
    depicting the early Corvettes class and style. You can be sure I will be showing off these great prints to all  
    of my car crazy buddies. You no doubt will be getting some more print requests /orders in the not to distant
    future from them when they see mine. Thank you for all of your help with my order".

    Janelle (Florida)

    "I am so thrilled with my images.  Everything arrived safely and perfectly.  They are all way more
    beautiful on paper in my hands than I ever imagined.   I'm thrilled and can't wait to get some of them on the
    walls surrounding me.  The "book" with the history is so beautiful.  I haven't had a chance to sit down and
    read it but it is so well done.  You really did a top notch, first rate, over-the-top job.  Amazing!

    The Cyborg Cathedral is stunning and breathtaking!  But then they all are - it's just bigger.  I love the 10 x
    10's even though they will be harder to frame.  Such a perfect size for each image - you really did know
    what would look best for each and I appreciate those suggestions."

    Debbie (New Jersey)

    “The prints look fabulous...all my guests agreed. Thanks for printing them on such short notice.”

    Mike (Texas)

    “They look great!!!

    ...you had just enough packing to keep them safe---outside was  
    mangled but inside was fine.  whew!

    Now off to the frame shop!”

    Suzanne (New Jersey)

    “I LOVED your work!  I am thrilled that I got such a great photo of the Watchung Reservation.  Thank you
    for participating in the showcase.”

    Yusuf (Turkey)

    “The print came on last Monday. I was away from home so I couldn’t tell you. Very high quality abstract
    photo and print. I like it a lot. Thank you so much again.”

    Rhonda (New Jersey)

    “Vlad, your work is phenomenal ... MUSEUM QUALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Candice (Wisconsin)

    “Oi, I absolutely love it! Came today, in fact.  Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you!”

    Carol (New Jersey)

    “The pictures came in the mail on Friday.  They are absolutely beautiful!!!  Well, they are gifts, so I hope to
    be ordering again soon.  Thanks so much.  I really like the watercolor paper of "Inside Daylily".”

    If you have any feedback regarding my site or works, if you have any requests or just want to plain
    comment or say anything, you can use the following form below.  Thank you for visiting www.

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