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I love old, classical cars.  They don't make them like they used to.  For a long time, cars had characters.  
You could tell every single model apart from a mile away.  I celebrate that period in automotive history a bit
differently than most - I look at these cars as objects of art, rather than objects of transportation.  As such,
you will not find pictures of entire cars, but rather their wondrous details and in many images, the abstract
and surrealistic beauty between these vehicles and their surroundings.   This is my tribute to the original
designers, as well as the owners who keep these relics in top shape for all of us to enjoy.  The above is
also true for motorcycles and various motor hogs.  Unlike current cars, motorcycles had and continue to
have characters and are also an amazing machined piece of art - as such, I enjoy taking abstracts of
these two wheeled beasts as well.  I thank you all of the owners for allowing me to partake in sharing your
cherished hobby - if you think you see your vehicle, drop me a note.  ENJOY!
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