I am enjoying photography for more than 25 years. Through my images, I try to project a unique view of everyday surroundings as I see abstract beauty in all aspects of life. My works have been acquired throughout United States and abroad by individuals seeking modern and contemporary art, as well as displayed at several galleries (brick & mortar and on-line).

As you can see from my online work collections, I practice different types of photography, but Abstract style is by far my favorite and can be seen throughout most of my images. I also like to experiment with my images and am always in search of new techniques. 

In either case, I paint my digital canvas with existing images. People are often puzzled by my photographs and are surprised when told what they are looking at, because they never looked at the object in the same way it is depicted in my work.  In our modern society, people are so bound by dictated standards that they have difficulty stepping outside of the established norm.

In the past analog days, I’ve used Nikon 35mm cameras. These days, I mainly use digital photo equipment – plenty of bells and whistles, but the basics are still the same.  Composition is still the key, doesn’t matter what format.  Whenever I travel, I take my camera with me and make sure I have time for photo sessions. In the end, my goal is to open people’s eyes and minds through aesthetically pleasing art that lends itself to infinite interpretations.